Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories for Home Backup Generators

Parts and Accessories for Home Backup Generators

Enhance performance. Maximize convenience. Simplify maintenance. Boost your Generac standby generator’s performance with accessories from the leader in standby power. Products are available to maximize convenience and simplify maintenance for years of reliable standby power. Maintaining your equipment with original equipment manufacturer parts is key to the performance and reliability you count on when the lights go out.

Protect Your Investment Longer Than Ever Before

Now you can protect your investment longer than ever before with Generac's new 7 and 10 Year Extended Limited Warranties.

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New 7 and 10 Year


Generac’s whole-house surge protection device (SPD) helps protect your home’s sensitive electronic devices and appliances against damaging surges and transients by blocking them from entering your home or business. It has thermally protected MOVs (metal oxide varistors) that help reduce the risk of thermal damage, while it’s compact, weather-resistant design offers installation flexibility.

Surge Protection Device Spec Sheet
Surge Protection Device Owner's Manual
Generac's <strong>Surge Protection Device</strong>
Generac’s LTE

A critical part of maintaining your generator is making sure there is enough fuel to get you through the unexpected power outages when utility power is lost. Generac now offers a LTE LP Fuel Level Monitor* to measure the amount of LP fuel remaining in your tank. The tank monitor integrates with Mobile Link and Fleet so users can see remaining fuel level in real time, and set low tank level alerts.
*This system is compatible with air-cooled and liquid-cooled models that utilize LP as a fuel source. 

Download Generac LTE Tank Utility Brochure
Download Generac LTE Tank Utility Spec Sheet
Download Generac LTE Tank Utility Warranty

Download Generac Dial Replacement Guide

Know Your Generator Is Ready When You Need It

Mobile Link™ is the new remote monitoring system from Generac® that lets you check on your standby generator’s status, or receive timely notifications when something is needed, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Connect wirelessly with the Wi-Fi Ethernet Accessory, or with a robust nationwide cellular connection.  With Mobile Link™, you will always know exactly what your generator is doing - or not doing.

Mobile Link